What to do on holidays in Mauritius: try the outdoor activities

What to do in Mauritius; visit the nature parks and reserves

Casela Bird Park, Mauritius by John Mauremootoo, on Flickr

The island of Mauritius can be found in the south-western part of the Indian Ocean. It is a small island where agriculture has always played an important part historically, although the tourism sector is becoming more important every year as well as the services and fishing sectors.

Every year more than a million tourists set foot on this quiet island for their holidays or honeymoons. Most of the tourists that come to the island of Mauritius are from France, followed by Réunion Island, South Africa, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Italy and others. As a result, a lot of hotels and resorts can be found in Mauritius.

Recently, more has been done to promote the island of Mauritius as a green destination. In fact Mauritius has beautiful and varied landscapes as well as a lot of nature parks, public or private, where tourists and locals can enjoy the best of Mauritian nature.

Some of these Mauritian nature parks and reserves are the Black River Gorges, the Casela Nature and Reserve Park, the Frédérica Nature reserve, La Vanille Crocodile Park, la Vallée des Couleurs, Domaine de l’etoile, Domaine de Lagrave, the Terre-Rouge Estuary, etc.

The island of Mauritius is also known for its plentiful ocean that surrounds it. Naturally, big game fishing is a huge touristic attraction with Blue and black marlins being prized catches among anglers. Mauritius is also a good destination for people who wish to go on mini-cruises and just watch whales and dolphins or those who wish to do some SCUBA diving.

There are also a wide variety of water sports that can be practised in the island of Mauritius including surfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddling, sea kayaks, among others. Most of these activities are available right at the luxury hotels of Mauritius.