Villages and public beaches of the north of Mauritius

Villages and beaches along the North of Mauritius

Coconut trees by carrotmadman6, on Flickr

Well-known for its long white sandy beaches bordered by coconut and casuarina trees and blue lagoons, the island of Mauritius is a favorite holiday destination among tourists which harbors several charming seaside villages and spectacular landscapes.

By staying in a villa rental in the northern part of Mauritius, it is possible to explore fascinating places and villages. But the best part of staying in a villa in Mauritius is having your choice of beaches where you can relax instead of being restricted to the hotel beachfront.

One of the first villages that you will encounter in the northern part of Mauritius is Baie du Tombeau which can be found near Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius. There is a public beach nearby and another can be found further north, called Le Goulet.  Further up you will find Pointe-auc-Piments public beach which is about 4 kilometres long and extends from Baie aux Tortues up to Trou aux Biches. It is a favorite dive-site as the lagoon is protected.  Further north you will find Grand-Baie, which is a well known touristic centre of the island where several night clubs and bars can be found, as well as restaurants and villa rentals.

Next along the road is the village of Cap Malheureux, a traditional fishing village which is better known for its famous red-roofed church by the seaside.

Just a few kilometers away from the coast, tourists become immersed in the excitement of rural Mauritian life by visiting the village of Goodlands, which is known for being very lively on Saturday morning which is normally market day.

Going further east, tourists will mostly encounter Grand Gaube where life seems very quiet and peaceful. Its small beach is rather desert most of the time and the seabed may look rock-infested, but the place is definitely a good stop-over before going further. They will quickly pass the quiet village of Poudre d’Or, where there is a monument commemorating the shipwreck of the Saint-Géran ship which inspired Bernardin de Saint-Pierre to write Paul et Virginie, and move towards Roches-Noires, a beautiful village where luxury Mauritian villas can be found near the sea side and which also has a very beautiful white sandy beach.  Another beach worth a stop is the one which can be found in the village of Poste Lafayette, where quite a few luxury Mauritius villa rentals can also be found. Another quiet beach nearby is the one called Bras-D’eau public beach.

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